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Pharmacist Career Consultant : Nitesh sir

Mr. Nitesh Viramgama (CEO AND CHIEF FOUNDER)


Career Coach and Visa Expert

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Stop dreaming about the future, let us give you everything you need to get there


2019-20 Vision

To help all Indian Graduates with broader career options. We want to make our services reachable all over India.

2017-18 Projection Stage

Successfully, we helped 12th grade students for preparing a career plan and to study abroad. Along with that we prepared career mapping for pharmacy students and all other graduates.

2015-16 Expansion Stage

We expanded our services to all graduates. (Not only for pharmacy students).(Owing to the over whelming response and requests from our alumni and their parents).

2013-14 Recognition Stage

Our efforts and results were recognized and appreciated by the government and non government organizations. While creating thousands of success stories, we lived our dream alongside.

2011-12 Pioneering Stage

We emerged as leader for Pharmacy Students with an exclusive consultancy for pharmacy students only right from career counseling to visa files preparation.We gave counseling to 15000 students.

2009-10 Awareness Stage

Nitesh Sir drove 40,000km with the idea of creating awareness and helping students of pharmacy in India.

2007-08 Research & Development Stage

We started research on current need of pharmacy students in India.

2005-06 Sharing And Helping Stage

Nitesh Sir became an inspiration for his friends. He helped more than hundreds of students in preparation of Pharmacist Licensing Exam, while he was still a student himself.

2003-04 Development Stage

Nitesh Sir in the beginning of his abroad career journey and that's where the inspiration to start Pharmavision took Birth.

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If you’re ready to take that next step towards studying abroad than let us be your guide as you start this journey towards becoming a pharmacist!

We help students to get into their dream pharmacy career by providing them information on the best programs, scholarships, and resources available to help you make your dream of becoming a pharmacist abroad come true.

We work closely with our students to help them reach their goals, whether it’s getting accepted into a top-ranked university or finding a career in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand.

Mr. Nitesh Viramgama



Pharmacy Career Consultant

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