KAPS Exam Australia : Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy Licensing Process in Australia for Indian Pharmacy Graduates

To become a licensed pharmacist in Australia, first, you need to apply for registration with the Pharmacy Board of Australia and pass 2 examinations with an internship. Following are the steps to follow while applying for registration:

Requirements for getting registered with Pharmacy Board of Australia

  • It is a must that an applicant should have completed a 4-year full-time pharmacy course approved in his/her home country.
  • Applicants must be eligible for registration as a pharmacist or must be registered as a pharmacist in their country.
  • Get eligibility check via APC (the Australian Pharmacy Council) and pass the KAPS examination.

Once an applicant has confirmed the eligibility, the candidate needs to complete a full internship under the supervision where he/she will get assessed based on a variety of methods.

KAPS : Eligibility Process

After confirming eligibility status, candidates need to follow below given steps:

  1. create an account on APC website under Candidate Portal and create a profile.
  2. Request for eligibility check.
  3. Gather and upload the documents.

KAPS : Required Documents

  • Identity proof: Passport
  • Degree Certificate
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Pharmacist Registration status/Pharmacists license of your country
  • Employment status of more than 12 months (If employed provide reference, CV and registration proof during work period)
  • Colored and scanned copies of documents are a must.
  • You need to upload and do not send or courier any documents.
  • Name should be the same in all documents.
  • Non-English documents must be translated in English by a NAATI accredited translator.
  • Scanned copies of laminated documents are not accepted.
  • File should be with .pdf extensions.
  • For the proof of name change, marriage certificate or a deed poll is valid.
  1. Next step is to pay the fee of AUS$1290 online by credit/debit card.
  2. Eligibility check may take up to 8 weeks to get completed and it may take more time than that if there is any document wrong or missing. APC may ask for more information for which candidate will have 90 days of time to send the needed information.
  3. You will receive the KAPS eligibility status via email.

KAPS Exam Registration Process

After getting confirmation to sit KAPS examination, candidate have to follow steps given below:


Candidates need to sign in to their candidate portal and register for the KAPS exam. Applicants from countries other than the countries UK, USA, Canada, or Ireland need to sit for the Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) examination.


Candidates will have to upload a high quality, colored passport sized photo (W:35 to 40mm & H:45 to 50mm) taken in the last 6 months is required to upload. Scanned photo from passport or cropped copy of photo is not accepted.


Next step is to choose the exam date and the exam center. After that you have to agree to their policies and review your details. Your seat will be temporarily reserved for the examination.


To confirm your seat, candidates will have to pay the exam registration fee of AUS$2190 online on APC website. Only credit/debit cards are accepted.


Candidate will receive reminder email before 3 days of examination. This email is very important to read as it will contain your appointment details for exam and identification requirements.

Identification documents can be: Passport

   Step-6: Give the KAPS examination.

The KAPS exam consists of two different papers on the same day. Each paper has 100 MCQs and you will get 2 hours for each paper to complete. You will also get an hour of break between two papers.

Paper 1 consists of 70% of Physiology and Pharmacology and 30% of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Paper 2 consists of 70% of therapeutics and 30% of Pharmaceutics subjects.

   Step-7: Get your result.

You will have to achieve 50% of marks in order to qualify the KAPS examination. Results will be available after 4 weeks of the exam. Candidates will be informed by email about the results.

Once you have your results, a skills assessment letter will be sent within 5-10 days. The validity of this letter is 3 years from the issued date.

If you fail both or one paper you can appear for the exam till you pass it. If a candidate fails 1 paper, then he/she has to pass the second paper in 2 years, after 2 years he/she needs to register again for both the papers and pay the fees.

 Step-8: Registration with Pharmacy Board of Australia (PharmBA):

  • After receiving a skills assessment letter, candidates have to provisionally register with PharmBA.
  • Candidates need to complete 75% of their internship (1575 hours)
  • Sit an Australian Intern written Examination.

(IWE) Intern Written Exam Registration Process


Log in to the Candidate portal and book the IWE exam. You need to enter your personal details, educational details, intern training provider and number of internship hours.


Register for CAOP examination, upload recent passport-size photo and confirm the details.


Pay the exam fees of AUS$710 via online only through Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards.


You will receive a reminder email 3 days before the exam with your examination details.


Give the exam. You will need an ID for examination which will be mentioned in the reminder email.

Exam paper consists of 75 questions for which you will have 2 hours to complete.


Results will be available via email after 2 weeks of exam. Results will only show  pass or unsuccessful status. If you do not pass this exam, you will have to register and pay fees to sit an exam again.

Note: You can register for the Intern Oral Exam with the pharmacy board of Australia before or after the Intern Written Exam.

Intern Oral Exam Registration Process

The Intern Oral Exam is conducted by the Australian health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) on behalf of the pharmacy board of Australia.
● Applicants can download an application form from Ahpra website and fill it. After completing the application form, applicants need to post it to Ahpra between the open and close dates of application.
● Before the 2 weeks of starting of examination, applicants will receive the randomly selected time and date of the examination.

After completion of the above process, a candidate is now eligible to apply for general registration for Pharmacy license and getting registered as a pharmacist in Australia.

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