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National Pharma Scholar Finder is National Level Competition for the Pharmacy Students organized by PharmaVision Pvt. Ltd. every year.

What are the objectives of NPSF?

NPSF has been started with the following objectives

  • Inspiring and motivating the Indian Pharmacy students towards the Clinical pharmacy field because it will be the future of the India Pharmacy profession as well as clinical pharmacy professionals are the highest paying in the global market
  • Providing the learning platform for the development of patient care skills, competencies, and knowledge
  • Providing a common platform for the networking and connecting the Indian pharmacy students as a professional community
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-> NPSF comes under Our mission to transform more than 1 million Pharmacy students into Competent Pharmacist Professional By the end of 2025.

Why Clinical Pharmacy will be the future?

The historical trend is a good predictor for future forecasting.  As we illustrate in the given table, you can notice in 1970, India was a Pharmaceutical importer and in the next 3 decades, Indian export has been grown 800 times, and it become the world’s leading manufacturer of the pharmaceutical products in the world. This is because of the collective efforts of the Pharmacy colleges, Professors and pharmacy students as well as the entrepreneurs.

Export Import Trade Balance
1970-71 8.5 cr 24.3 cr -15.8
1999-2000 6631.45 cr 1502.3 cr 5129.15

There are a few very strong indicators like

  • Globalization:
  • Medical tourism
  • Expectations of the community
  • Organized International players are targeting the Indian market

All these indicators are indicating the next few decades will be clinical pharmacy. Hence, the Future need of the profession is clinical and patient care, so we have to collectively work in that direction and prepare our prospective pharmacists in this direction.

Who can participate?

  • B.Pharm (3rd/4th Year) OR Completed
  • M.Pharm (Running or Completed)
  • Pharm. D (Studying 5th/6th Year Or Completed)

How we can help you to achieve this?

Providing Free Training: we are providing our E-Learning platform to all the Pharmacy students the free of cost to acquire all the required skills and competencies to work as a clinical pharmacist

Networking:  Connect all the Indian Pharmacy students as a community, this community will involve in Idea exchange and knowledge-sharing activities as well as can do the advocating for the professional development.

Inspiring the students:  Inspiring students to learn new skills and knowledge and motivate them by awarding and providing financial scholarships as well as gifting etc.

How can I get the Scholarship examination Preparation resources?

  • Register on LMS (Learning Management System) for Video Lectures
  • Subscribe – NleadPharmavision Youtube Channel learning and case study section
  • Sample Examination Paper for reference
  • Syllabus includes the most common 16 Disease conditions, which represent about 75% of the total health burden

NPSF Syllabus

 ✔   Nervous System – Somatic  ✔   Heart Failure
 ✔   Nervous System – Autonomic  ✔   Arrhythmia
 ✔   Cholinergic – Adrenergic Drugs  ✔   Blood
 ✔   Hypertension  ✔   Lipid
 ✔   Drugs Used in Hypertension  ✔   Overview of Endocrine
 ✔   Angina  ✔   Physiology of Steroids
 ✔   Coronory Artery Disease  ✔   Aderenal Hormone

How to Apply?

-> Just Fill out this registration Form to participate.

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Winner Prices:

  • 1st Winner – IPAD
  • 2nd Winner – Phone
  • 3rd Winner – Smartwatch