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Practice as a Pharmacist in the USAImportance of Pharmacy degree in the USA

USA is a home to many prestigious universities delivering unique versatile and flexible pedagogical methods for students to devour in-depth knowledge in every aspect of study.  Being a global leader in the educational sector, the US has many world-renowned universities and an extraordinary education system to study MS pharmacy. Over 25 universities rank in the top 100 in World QS ranking and above 50 of 200 top universities are housed in the USA.

Moreover, many universities in the USA have contributed to the world with innovative technology and novel discoveries in several fields. Universities in the USA have their major focus on teaching more of practical knowledge and real-world application of a particular study, ultimately preparing their students for future challenges and career growth. The major factor that makes USA’s education system unique is that not only students are prepared according to their field of interest but other extra-curricular activities such as, sports and activities other than main subjects are also considered equally important for students’ overall development.

The US is superior in advanced technology and research; gaining knowledge from leading scholars in the field of pharmacy is a blessing in itself. If you choose to study in the US, it will definitely be a life-changer experience for you.

Cost of studying Pharmacy in USA

Master of pharmacy average studying cost: $15,400 to $37,000

PharmD average studying cost:  $15,000 to $53,000 per year

Other Expenses: (Average Costs mentioned below can be vary depending upon the choices and way of living of students)

  • Accommodation cost – Approx. $200 per month
  • Transportation cost – $300 to $700
  • Food and Grocery expense – Approx. $150 per month
  • Other personal expenses(entertainment, shopping, weekends) – $400 per month

Pharmacy Colleges and Universities in USA

➡ Arizona State University ➡ University of Southern California ➡ University of Colorado, Denver
➡ Pace University ➡ University of California, San Francisco ➡ University of Iowa
➡ University of Michigan ➡ Ohio State University ➡ Howard University
➡ University of Washington ➡ Georgetown University ➡ University of Georgia
➡ University of Texas ➡ University of Florida ➡ University of South Carolina
➡ University of Illinois ➡ Northeastern University, Boston ➡ University of Kansas
➡ University of North Carolina ➡ Rutgers University, New Jersey ➡ Tulane University, New Orleans
➡ University of Wisconsin ➡ University at Buffalo ➡ University of Houston, Texas

Creighton UniversityPharmD Colleges and Universities in USA

➡ Auburn University ➡ Oregon State University ➡ University of Connecticut
➡ Belmont University ➡ The University of Mississippi ➡ University of Kentucky
➡ Campbell University ➡ The University of New Mexico ➡ University of Maryland
➡ Chicago State University ➡ The University of Oklahoma ➡ University of Minnesota
➡ Massachusetts College of Pharmacy ➡ The University of Tennessee ➡ Washington State University
➡ Medical School of Wisconsin ➡ The University of Rhode Island ➡ West Virginia University
➡ North Dakota State University ➡ The University of California, Irvine ➡ California Northstate University
➡ Ohio Northern University

Scholarship for Pharmacy in USA

The cost of studying including tuition fees and other finances related to study can vary depending upon the course you choose and duration and location of the university at which you plan to study. Keeping in mind the financial hurdles to ensure that students receive the best knowledge freely without giving up on their dreams and educational potential, many universities offer a wide range of scholarship programs to support the tuition fees.

Things to remember while considering to apply for scholarships:

  • Be early for scholarship application
  • Frequently check for application deadline and status
  • Keep ready all the necessary documents required


  • Fulbright scholarships For Norwegian Students
  • MAroon Global Excellence Scholarships
  • ExpressVPN Future Of Privacy Scholarship 2022
  • International Peace Scholarships (For Women)
  • Global Health Scholarship BSMS 2022
  • Bangor Postgraduate Taught International Scholarships 2022
  • JN Tata Endowment For The Higher Education Of Indians
  • Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarships
  • William L. Richter International Scholarship, 2022 (Kansas State University)
  • com Scholarships 2022
  • Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi,SC development (Only for SC)
  • Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi, ST Welfare 2022 (Only for ST)
  • CPU President Scholarship 2022
  • Education Future International Scholarship

Student Visas for Pharmacy students in USA

There are three various types of visas for students. Depending on the type of course and duration students can apply accordingly for these visas.

For students who wish to study postgraduate studies (Graduate study in USA) such as, MS or MBA, need to apply for F-1 Student visa.

F-1 Student Visa For students applying for studying in universities including graduate and undergraduate programs (Postgraduate)
J Exchange Visa For those who have a short period of studies, exchange program and research fellowship programs
M Student Visa Non-academic student visa for vocational training

Intake for Pharmacy Course in USA

There are three intakes for the US; Fall, Spring and Summer. Fall intake is better as universities provide a wide variety of courses to choose from and more scholarship opportunities. You can also get more part-time job opportunities on campus. Internship opportunities are higher when you take fall intake as you meet 9 months criteria for internship. During spring intake, as it is the middle of the year, you might not find a chance to apply for the scholarships and on-campus part-time job offers.

Intake Month
Fall August
Spring January
Summer May


  • There are so many pharmacy colleges in the USA, How do I decide which college to apply to?

Ans. You can first decide the course you wish to study and which universities/colleges offer that course. Once you choose the course you can shortlist the universities/colleges providing the course of your choice. After considering your budget and expenses and the state/city you wish to live in, you can finalize the college. (Universities and colleges we have mentioned are among the top universities providing the best educational facilities and environment to study.)

  • How to get admission to a US university?

Ans. First, find the course/program you need to study and then consider the requirements they ask for and fulfill the requirements. Afterward, you can apply through the university application portal or we can help you out with your application.

  • When to apply for Pharmacy universities in the USA?

Ans. The best time to apply is the fall intake(August intake) to avail of the scholarship programs and on-campus part-time job opportunities.

  • How is studying in the USA for Indian students after 10th/12th/college?

Ans. The education system in the USA is quite different from that of India. If you wish to study in the USA after 10th, you need to complete two years of high school in the USA. It is not that difficult unless you have problems fitting in with US culture and adjusting to a totally different environment at such a young age. After the 12th, you can get entry into the undergraduate study, which is quite beneficial for those who wish to practice as a pharmacist as you can directly get admissions in the PharmD program to be eligible for applying for licensing process. If you wish to go after college, you can do certain postgraduate courses and then build a career. Overall, studying in the USA is a different, unique, and fruitful experience in the long run that can be life-changing.

  • What is the cost of studying Pharmacy in the USA for Indian students?

Ans.Master of pharmacy average studying cost: $15,400 to $37,000 PharmD average studying cost:  $15,000 to $53,000 per year

  • Which Colleges in the USA offer “Pharmacy courses” in the California region?

Ans. The University of Southern California, University of California Irvine, California Northstate University, UC San Diego, University of California-San Francisco, Chapman University, Marshall B. Ketchum College of Pharmacy, University of The Pacific, Touro University, West CoastUniversity, Loma Linda University, Keck Graduate University, California Health Sciences University

  • What are some of the requirements to study pharmacy in the USA? What are some of the USA pharmacy college’s requirements?

Ans. Following are the requirements:

  1. Academic transcripts (of all your schooling)
  2. TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic test (According to university/college requirement)
  3. SAT scores (Required for those who wish to study bachelor’s program in the USA)
  4. LORs/SOPs
  5. Evidence for Financial support (needed for I-20 form)
  6. Copy of Valid Passport
  • How to finance your Pharmacy education in the USA?

Ans. You can apply for various scholarships that we have mentioned.

  • Which are the top universities for the pharmacy sector in the USA? Where can I find the top USA university list for Pharmacy?

Ans. All the top universities/colleges are listed above.

  • What are the English language proficiency requirements?

Ans.  English language proficiency requirements may vary depending upon your course and university. Accepted English language proficiency tests are TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS.

  • Can you study in the USA for free?

Ans. There are some, but not all, universities that provide fully funded courses depending upon your educational potential and qualifications. If you get admission to a fully-funded university, you still need to take care of your personal expenses as only tuition fees are covered by infully-funded courses.

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